Friday, July 10, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed in Chelsea!

Yes, I am home! Julie actually brought me home yesterday, and after getting groceries and plenty of meds, I was finally sitting on my roof deck by about 3pm, and she and I were drinking a delicious blueberry smoothie.

I owe a million thanks to many people. In fact, should I be fortunate to reproduce and have both a girl and a boy, I think they shall be named Julie and James – for very good reason. Both have gone above and beyond in providing care for me and assisting with other important aspects of my life (such as caring for Big Ivy) and for bringing the FUNNY!

As many of you probably have heard, the surgery was an unbelievable success. I could not have asked for better results than have occurred. Both Dr. Ferraro and I are overjoyed at both the level of jaw opening I’ve received but also the new shape and form of my jaw-line. I think the results are going to be astounding once swelling decreases.

I am actually functioning amazingly well. I am up and about and moving around, caring for myself far better than anticipated. For this I believe I have all of you to thank – I have received such incredible love and support from everyone that I truly believe I am benefiting greatly from all those positive wishes. I deeply thank you all for thinking of me and sending me your love. I am truly feeling it. It just means so much and has made a tremendous difference.

It’s hard to write coherently while taking heavy-duty pain meds. I am still very swollen but it has decreased significantly since Monday. The other day I looked like Fat Albert, and today I look like either a pug or one of those fishies whose bottom jaw juts forward, since my bottom lip and chin area are the areas that are most swollen based on where the incisions are beneath the line of my lower teeth and gums.

I have exercises from Dr. Ferraro to help increase my jaw opening, plus a mouth rinse I made myself with peroxide, cepacol, and water. I want you all to know I am storing it in a martini shaker… The pain is manageable, and I currently staggering the narcotics (percoset) with the anti-inflammatory (large dose of Motrin). Let me tell you the pain lets me know when it is “time” to take more meds! I have already begun to wean down the amount of painkiller in the night, but we’ll see how that goes the next few days.

It’s a beautiful day here in Boston, and I am fortunate to have such a great friend in Julie, who not only wants to go to the beach today but also is agreeable to take me! It will be a short trip, but still, I am overjoyed at the fact that 5 days after having major surgery, I am able to stick my feet in the sand!



  1. Will someone please switch the Cepacol for gin when she isn't looking?

  2. I am so glad to see your sense of humor? Have to say I agree with Jason gin, vodka something. Enjoy the sun maybe it is here for a few days!

    Heather H