Friday, July 24, 2009

The Weather in Maine is Disastrous

Here is the new HLS!

Plenty of people have requested an update and I hate to disappoint people (to a fault) so here you go. Thanks to everyone for the comments. It’s highly amusing to me what everyone comments upon and what piques people’s curiosity. Keep the emails and comments coming!

All parts of my head have been responding very well to the recovery plan. The swelling and pain have both decreased significantly. I have been taking Motrin for the past 3 days or so, and, have slept through the night without having to wake up for the middle-of-the-night dosage. I would say that is great progress!

I can still feel were the incisions are along my gums. They feel heavy and thick like I just had Novocain. I also still do not have feeling in my lower lip and chin, although I think I am improving every day and gain a little more feeling. Sometimes it itches – although not on the surface, but on the inside. Very hard to scratch! Also it tingles at times and that is just plainly a weird sensation. There is no better way to describe it.

Eating is still a challenge. I am quite tired of the soft diet. I don’t want anymore Jell-O or yet another smoothie. Yogurt, shmogurt! Have had some more pasta, some Asian (pad thai), lots of lobster bisque and lobster stew, which surprisingly my pancreas has tolerated. Mom is making her classic lasagna tonight. I will try a little but will stick with my leftover pad thai so that my tummy doesn’t give me any issues. Would love a crisp salad with tomatoes and peppers. Sigh.

The weather has been cold and grey for days now. Not overly pleasant or conducive to happy thoughts. Hoping this weekend to see the sun.

Everyone (self included) has been behaving for the most part. That includes Mom and the dogs. I know this is really no fun to report about, but the weekend, and my healing, is not over just yet.

Love to all,

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  1. Well you must think I'm a very bad friend because instead of following your instructions as to how I should communicate with you during your convalescence, I have tried calling you (last week - left message on your cell phone voice mail)and emailing you (this week, but it bounced back cuz I sent it to your NEU address). So,I hope I have it right this time. You look gorgrous and I hope you are feeling better. Drinking and swinging and hanging out with your mother and the dogs ain't half bad in my book. In fact, it sounds like pure heaven. I wasn't at CURP at all this week, but we all love and miss you. Here's a telepathic hug. Y'all come back soon feeling fit as a fiddle.
    Bonnie H