Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Update - moved to a regular room

I spent the day with Heather yesterday. It was quite interesting.

When I arrived (about 8:30 am) she informed me that the Dr. had already been there and said he thought the surgery was a great success. Taking a look at her I agreed. She looks good and just has bandages around her chin and some swelling around her jaw and lower lip. She was still going strong on her morphine pump and the narcolepsy was still in full effect. Watching her dozing off while speaking and eating was particularly interesting. Many times I was sure that the broth or jello would end up all over her as she spooned it toward her mouth and then started snoring. Unlike the night before she would stop the sentence she was in the middle of and continue it when she woke up which was very helpful.

She has bursts of energy and is completely coherent then dozes off for a short nap pretty quickly shortly thereafter. She pleaded with me to go for a walk and when we got back to her room she slept for a bit. I had to keep warning her about not entertaining me and overdoing it.

At about 11am they took her off the iv's and morphine and gave her two percoset tablets. They kicked in pretty quickly and she was feeling no pain while the morphine wore off.

When they began intubating the individual in the room next to her it got very loud and we closed her door until the flower deliveries began arriving. She especially enjoyed the chicken.

At about 3p she was moved to a room (419) on the 4th floor by an adorable college student named Matt. She asked him all about his studies and made sure to put a plug in for Northeastern too. She also suggested (to me only) that he could return without his pants on. I didn't pass the suggestion along.

When she arrived in her new room the bed by the door was made up and she asked Matt if she could have the bed by the window. He checked and confirmed that yes, she could. He made it up and she settled in.

Since she had a private bathroom now she wanted to look in the mirror. She was impressed with the Dr's work and concluded that she looked like Fat Albert (her bottom lip is very very swollen).

Shortly after she settled in the housekeeper came in to clean the other side of the room and kept up a lively conversation on her cell phone while doing it. Later the nurse fought with the IV machine being used to deliver her meds but it all worked out in the end.

We spent the afternoon reading J14 and reviewing our numbers in their numerology quiz. According to their very scientific methods Heather is a problem solver. We also had a great time watching the robotic medicine cart drive around the hallway.

As if on cue the second dose of Percoset kicked in at 6 pm and the sun came out. Heather ordered her evening meal from room service as if she were dining at Arrows in Ogunquit and when the "water ice", jello, broth (consomme), ginger ale and apple juice arrived she attacked it with vigor and a little less dozing off. She was also happy to use the "April fresh" mouthrinse.

All in all she is doing very well. She does get tired and need to remember to take it easy but is thankful and said that she is feeling the positive energy everyone is sending to her.

I just received a text from her this morning and she broke down and is paying the $7/day for the television now and waiting for breakfast.

If you wish to visit please call her cell phone first to see if she is up for it.

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  1. Yay Heather!
    I was confused about her liking the chicken at first - I wondered why you were commenting on what food she was enjoying...
    Glad she has Lil Ivy with her.
    Please give her a big hug from me!
    Sheila (in Edinburgh, Scotland!)