Thursday, July 2, 2009

Surgery Details

Thanks for checking in to my blog about my upcoming surgery. Since this is my first post, I thought I should provide a general outline of the operation on July 6th with many helpful details. I will write some history of the situation at some point over the weekend, but that takes patience and maybe some adult beverages to help with the process of exhibiting the written word about my condition.

On the morning of July 6th, my wonderful friend Julie (not saying the rest of you are not truly wonderful) will take me to Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton, whereby valium will be immediately introduced to the scene. At about 10am, I should be fully anesthetized and wheeled into the operating room. From that point onward, my life is in the hands of my highly capable surgeon, Dr. Nalton Ferraro. He has been my Doctor since I was 16, and has performed 4 other major surgeries in the past.

Incisions will be made inside my mouth along the line where my gum is attached to my skull. Based on the bone and muscle structure around my face and jaw, the corronoid bones in front of my jaw joints have grown thick, wide and long extending upward into the other parts of my skull. Dr. Ferraro will cut them back to the normal size for a 37 year-old woman. He will also lift and activate the muscles surrounding my jaws on both sides, to help mobilize my jaw. The goal is to help increase my jaw opening to hopefully 30 millimeters.

Some of you are aware of the surgical procedures I’ve endured in the past. In 1994 Dr. Ferraro rebuilt my jaw line and gave me a beautiful new chin. Sadly, with the progression of time, my chin has shifted towards the left. Dr. Ferraro will reposition my chin, and insert plastic into my left jaw line to help regain symmetry, adding an additional plastic to what he placed in my jaw in 1994.

Lastly, Dr. Ferraro is going to inject medically approved Botox into various muscles in my cheeks to hopefully weaken various facial nerves to assist with great symmetry. We did try this about 15 years ago, with little success. Please send positive vibes for a better reaction this time.

Julie, Jim, Jill and Lily will all have information and be able to update the site, so that you will all know how my operation is progressing.

Jim can be emailed with specifics at

Thanks for reading. I will post myself when I am able.

All my love, Heather

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